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The Keys are a very popular destination for anglers from all over the world. They offer the greatest grand slam opportunities anywhere on the world and is considered the birthplace of saltwater Flyfishing on the flats. Due to this popularity often dates book out as much as a year in advance and because of this a 50% deposit is due. As of January 1, 2014 all deposits will be taken by credit card which is due immediately upon confirmation of dates. No exceptions.


Deposits will only be refunded if dates are canceled 90 days before the time of your trip and will be refunded when dates are rebooked. If within the 90 day period before the confirmed dates deposit will NOT be refunded but put toward future dates within a year of cancellation date. Cancellations within 30 days of trip date will not be refunded or put toward future dates unless the days are rebooked. Days that are not rebooked the deposit will be forfeited. No exceptions.

Weather Cancellations:

The Florida Keys is an extraordinary destination trip but one of the things that makes it extraordinary is the weather. All I can say is always prepare and expect foul weather. Please understand I cannot control the weather. Days that are cancelled due to weather that I determine not conducive to fishing the deposit will be moved to future dates.

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